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Official Representation Service & Sales


It is our honor to represent the elite technology companies INDEX-TRAUB und CHIRON exclusively for Greece and Cyprus. Longstanding knowledge about their products and services gives us the confidence to deliver the latest technical solution, state of the art can deliver.  Thereby we offer in the following sections:

New facilities:

  • New machine concepts with the corresponding additional equipment for the respective milling process

  • Official spare and wear parts

  • After Sales Service

Modernized machine concepts:

Overhauled by the respective in-house retrofit departments CMS-Chiron or Index-Traub Refit:

Equipped with:

  • Modernized mechanics and electrics

  • Additional installations

  • Spare parts with technical service


New machinery and equipment

In close consultation with our clients and suppliers, we are accompanying our customers to their desired manufacturing modification or production invention. From us obtained new machines are potentially perceivable with, operator training, after-sales programs and accordant maintenance service. 


Customer requirements are our mission:

Over industrial, we chose, evaluate, and deploy our customers with their desired facilities.

Overall tool-technology


Tooling technology is a key element in maintaining the precision and speed of manufacturing processes. In order to meet the requirements of our customers, we select and advise manufacturer independently. 

We offer:

  • clamping tools 

  • Machining technology

  • Turning tools

  • Milling Tools

  • Prototypes

  • Series production 


Rolls construction

We offer the production of special rolls for the respective application. The variety of coating technologies and their services enables us to combine the production of rolls with the appropriate treatment (heat treatment, coating process, etc.) and machining (grinding, lapping, etc.). The application of these processes results in the desired surface properties and considerable enhancement of longevity. In addition, we offer for already existing rolls, components and repair processes as well as coatings to achieve an increased wear resistance. In this respect, mention worth success has been achieved in the aluminum industry. 

Refinery Technology


21 years ago we succeeded in convincing a customer in the refinery industry with an important wear part. Since then we can look back on a success story, caused by the extension of service life and reduction of the maintenance intervals. In this context, we offer manufacturer-independent general overhauls of compressor systems with the corresponding specialist companies that we represent. By applying wear-resistant surface technologies, the affected wear parts are not only repaired but also improved simultaneously. On request, we can also offer newly manufactured wear parts in improved design and with latter mentioned surface coatings. Customers benefit from our expertise in the purchase and use of refinery components.

Rolls construction
New machinery and equipment
Overall tool-technology
Refinery Technology
Official Representation Service & Sales
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